TTC no-no's

For Women:

Jacuzzi/Spa during and after ovulation. Our eggs are fragile and we don’t want to cook them once they are released. From all I have read it seems fine to drink until you get a positive pregnancy test, and then you should stop.

Ibuprofen. Any medicine, such as Advil, that has Ibuprofen in it can delay ovulation. Tylenol would be a better choice.

Extreme Exercise- From what I have read it is best to avoid starting any new type of vigorous exercise during the 2WW or while pregnant. If you are already involved in an exercise program then it is probably ok to continue it. As always, it’s best to check with your dr.

For Men

Unlike women who are born with all their eggs, men produce sperm daily. Sperm take close to 3 months to regenerate, so it is important to keep them alive!

Jacuzzi/Spa The heat kills sperm and since it take 3 months to build back up, a relaxing evening in the spa is not worth it!

Tighty Whities
Time to get rid of the ugly underwear. Again, we don’t want anything causing too much heat down there(although studies show they don't really harm sperm, btu why chance it, especially since they are so ugly!)

Alcohol and certain drugs are known to kill sperm. Although alcohol is a legal drug that is commonly used in moderation, it is best for men to avoid it as much as possible when ttc.

I know, we don’t have much control over when we get sick, but keep in mind that fevers heat your body, and heat kills sperm, and sperm takes 3 months to regenerate. Take care of yourself and try not to get sick!