I honestly feel that supplements can help so much with TTC. I wanted to share my success with the supplements I took. Unfortunately every person is different, so what works for one may not be good for another, but it is definitely worth looking into supplements of some kind. I found most of my information through internet research and trial and error. I also was getting acupuncture at the time and got advice from my acupuncturist.

My first pregnancy I was taking a bunch of supplements. I started taking Vitex(400mg/ 3 times a day) as soon as I stopped birth control pills because we were starting the ttc process. I had been on birth control pills for 20 years and I had a feeling my cycles would be irregular as every time I had stopped temporarily my cycles seemed off(which is why I started BCP at such a young age to begin with). I felt the Vitex helped regulate me right away, starting off with 33-34 day cycles and dropping down to 29-31 days cycles after a couple months. I was also taking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea which is suppose to tone the uterus. Along with that I started Royal Jelly with Bee Pollen. This is supposed to help with egg quality, and since I was 36 at the time I figured it couldn't hurt. I tried Maca Root, but I think it made me break out, so I stopped (maybe just coincidence).I was also taking vitamin b-6 to ensure a good luteal phase. I was taking all of this for 5 months, however I had to have a minor surgery to remove cervical dysplasia the second month of trying, so that month was out, and the next couple months were a long shot as we could not "actively" try. On the 6th month I added Geritol Complete (replaced my prenatal vitamin with it and added a folic acid supplement since Geritol does not have much) and I also added FertileCM. This is a supplement to increase egg white cervical mucus, and it worked very well. That was the month I got pregnant. I had also tried some other things like drinking grapefruit juice, but didn't do this the month I got pregnant. So to sum up - for ttc #1 I was taking Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Royal Jelly with Bee Pollen, FertileCM, Geritol Complete, Folic Acid and vitamin b-6 to get pregnant. I was a couple months past my 36th birthday at the time. It took 5 cycles total, 3 months of actively trying and 2 months we had a slight chance but unlikely due to recovering from surgery. I started progesterone cream after getting pregnant, but I probably didn't need it.

My next time trying was when I was 38, almost 39. I once again started the Geritol, FertileCM, Royal Jelly, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and vitamin B-Complex 50mg(I used this since it had extra folic acid and there is not enough in Geritol). I will say that I think the Royal Jelly really makes me feel ovulation. I had strong ovulation pain all the months that I took it. On about the 3-4th cycle I started high doses of COQ10 (Ubiquinol) to help with egg quality. I also stopped the FertileCM and Royal Jelly for a while. At this point I had tried for 3 cycles, 2 of those very actively and one of those was kinda a long shot. On that 4th cycle I started taking Lydia Pinkham because I read reviews that people got pregnant taking it. I didn't get pregnant that 4th month, but I did get my progesterone tested at 7 days past ovulation and it was very good, meaning I did ovulate and it was a good amount of progesterone to sustain a pregnancy if I had conceived. For my next cycle I got a cycle day 3 blood test of estrogen, LH, and FSH. My numbers were ok. They weren't spectacular, but nothing that should really inhibit getting pregnant. I started taking wheat grass shots or using wheat grass tablets every day starting my 5th cycle. I also started back on the Vitex (first time since ttc #1) and started up with the FertileCM supplement again. I had tons of egg white cervical mucus this month. I am pretty sure that for me it is the combination of Vitex and FertileCM that really increased my cervical mucus. Both are known to do it, but for me it was amazingly different the only two months those were taken together, and those were the months I got pregnant. So to sum up, I got pregnant a couple months after turining 39 and I was taking Geritol Complete, Vitamin B-complex 50mg, Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaf, COQ10 (Ubiquinol), Vitex and FertileCM. I got pregnant on my 5th cycle of trying, 4 months actively trying and 1 month was a possibility but unlikely due to bad timing(husband was out of town).

For my husband, I also started him on supplements as soon as we decided to start TTC. I started him on Fertilaid for Men and Maca Root. Both of these are excellent for sperm. I had him get a semen analysis after being on Fertilaid for Men for 3 months and Maca Root for a month and it came out far above average for total count, morphology, motility and volume. Highly recommend getting the males on these supplements!!

You can find all these supplements on the products page and I give descriptions of what they do. Except for the regular vitamins, like b-6, they are all the exact brands that I took.

Along with this I charted my bbt, used opks and the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and tried to BD every day, or sometimes every other day, at my fertile time. I tried avoiding alcohol or dairy a couple of the months, but did not avoid them both months I got pregnant, except after ovulation(alcohol, not dairy). Actually I drank more than normal before ovulation during the months I got pregnant due to being on vacation or having something going on. I was also going to acupuncture at least once a week before getting pregnant both times. I had been going for a long time before even ttc #1, but for the second one I started again about a month before getting pregnant. I also did reflexology the month of getting pregnant with #1. I stopped after ovulation, but I did have a session on the day of ovulation.

Different things work for different people, but I thought I would share what worked for me!