Relaxation and hypnosis

How many times have you heard “I got pregnant when we stopped trying?” Relaxation really seems to make a difference. I completely understand that if ttc is taking longer than expected, it is practically impossible to relax. However remind yourself that it is NOT impossible. Other people do it and so can you!


As a hypnotherapist I used this method myself during ttc, as well as through pregnancy and labor/delivery. It works very well for me and it is why I recommend it to everyone. Hypnosis is great because it is very quick, effective and inexpensive. It may cost you a bit if you want one on one sessions with a hypnotherapist, but usually you can use recordings or self hypnosis successfully with very little cost.

Hypnosis is a very relaxed state of mind that we experience multiple times a day. Most of us experience it right before falling asleep and right when waking up. Many of us also experience it in the car. Have you ever been driving and sorta forgotten the whole drive but you ended up at the right place? That is a state of hypnosis. Your conscious mind has taken a rest and your subconscious has taken over. During this state, our minds are very open to suggestions. We can use this time of relaxing to make positive suggestions to our bodies to remain calm, feel good and function properly. Hypnosis is a great way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and open your mind to the idea of becoming pregnant. Our body is controlled by our brain, and when we work directly with the brain we have good results!

I have made a download for relaxation and preparing your body for becoming pregnant. You can download this mp3 here:COMING SOON!!!

Other Hypnosis/Relaxation Recordings:

Circle and Bloom has come out with a daily one for each day of your cycle. I used this my first pregnancy, but I didn't do it every day. That is why I decided to make one for each stage of the menstrual cycle, so you don't have to do it daily if you don't want to.

Along with hypnosis, there are definitely other ways to relax. Make time for yourself and each day have something planned that helps you unwind. Gently exercise is a great way to relax and very good for your body (if ok'd by a dr. of course). Having some quite time to yourself with a book or magazine can also be calming. Find what works for you and make yourself commit to something relaxaing at least a half hour a day.