alternative treatments


Acupuncture can be very relaxing and also help with fertility. Be sure to find an acupuncturist that has experience working with fertility. I had been going for quite a while and I must say that my acupuncturist helped very much with reducing the heaviness of my periods. She also worked with me on fertility and all through pregnancy. It helped in many ways.


The month I got pregnant with number 1, I had a couple treatments of reflexology, including on the day of ovulation. I told the practitioner that I wanted to do reflexology for fertility reasons, but I’m not sure they specialized in that or did anything differently. I guess whatever they did certainly didn’t hurt. I chose not to do any treatments in the 2WW, only before and during ovulation. I also went back when I was pregnant and past my due date to help bring on labor. I began losing my mucus plug that night (although I was set for induction the next day so I still had to be induced) so again, maybe it helped and it certainly didn’t hurt!


Hypnosis is a great for many things including relaxing. See our Hypnosis/Relaxation page for more details!