It’s painful to think about the effort and money that some people have put into trying to NOT get pregnant when the timing was wrong. Was it all unnecessary stress? It sure seems like it, doesn’t it ladies?

Getting pregnant seems so simple, and it seems to happen so easily to people who have no desire to have a child at that moment. Then the time comes when we actually WANT pregnancy, and everything seems to change. It appears that it is actually MORE stressful trying to get pregnant, than when we tried not to. If we have intercourse at the right time of the month, the sperm and egg should meet and 9 months later we should have a baby in our arms, right? Yea, not so easy for some. I’ve come to realize that when we actually decide that we want to get pregnant, we want it to happen that month. No other month will do. And God forbid it doesn’t happen that month – dormant obsessive and psychotic traits come to surface and multiply by 100. If our significant others stay with us through this grueling time, we know they love us for sure.

This website is for those who have tried for much time to get pregnant without success, and also for those just beginning the process but who flat out have no patience and want to do anything to speed up the process. I am at the beginning of my journey as I start this(update-I am completing the site with a toddler and baby #2 on the way! I guess the information I found did help!), and this is the kind of site that I felt would help me calm (and condone) my own obsessive personality. There are so many natural supplements and over the counter products to help hasten this process, and I want to know all of them, as well as see other women who are trying them and success or non-success rates from real people. And don’t worry, we won’t forget about the men. We may have to hand them their vitamins and a glass of water and watch it go down, but we will get their sperm optimal! In a few months time we can greatly improve our chances of conceiving without harsh medications! Good luck to all of us, and now it is time to talk about diet, exercise, charting, relaxation, ovulation detecting, and supplements!